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Deepen your relationship with yourself.

Hello, I am Carron and I look forward to opening your eyes to the unique soul you are. The snapshot of the sky at the moment of your birth reveals your unique abilities and growth opportunities for this lifetime. Awareness of this information is enlightening and aids in clarifying your goals, as well as knowing yourself on a deeper, more profound level.

Having studied astrology for many years and reveling in its accuracy, I love to offer my interpretation of birth charts and their symbols.

Image by Oliver Newbery


Please use the above button to schedule a session. Note that sessions are conducted via phone call.

At this time I am offering:

30 Minute Overview Sessions

Utilizing my years of experience, I will examine your natal astrological chart and prepare the following for our call:

  • Key features that stand out in your chart about your unique personality and life path

  • Information on your North Node and what your soul is yearning for in this lifetime

  • Any major Transits/Progressions/Solar Arcs that are occurring presently

  • Other information as it reveals itself (every chart reading is different!)

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